General Practitioners

If you are a General Practitioner, then you will be familiar with the complicated nature of the GMS Pension Scheme. We deal with many clients in this profession and it is our goal to de-mystify the process so that you are making clear, informed choices to bring certainty to your future.

Some of these choices are:

  • Invest in the GMS AVC or private AVC
  • How to drawdown your pension pot, i.e. do you take the maximum lump sum or use your AVC to fund this?
  • Company pensions for your staff

The life of a General Practitioner is spent making sure others are taken care of. The demands of your profession should not prevent you from taking care of your own financial wellbeing. It is important that you do not ignore your financial wellbeing and plan for your exit as early as possible. “The Qifa Life Path” plan will give you the clarity and reassurance of having a healthy retirement.

general practitioner

General Practitioner Case Study

SL is a GP and his wife is a practise nurse. They are both 64 and retiring next year. The GP has been fully funding his GMS pension for many years. They were looking for ways to increase their pension at 65.

We were able to set up a pension for his wife with only one year’s contributions of €160,000. The following year she was able to access €60,000 tax free and invest the balance into her pension. A great way to reduce taxable earnings and build up a pension pot.

We have the expertise and knowledge to answer any queries that you may have.

Sean Lynch - Financial Planning at Qifa

Sean Lynch, CFP, QFA, FLIA

Sean Lynch is the Financial Planning expert at Qifa Financial Planners and has 30 years’ experience in financial services.

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