You are busy Solicitor dealing with clients and like everyone else probably too busy to look after your own financial affairs. As a sole trader there are many tax breaks open to you, such as:

  • Personal Pension Relief – up to 40%
  • Pension Term Assurance
  • Company Pension Relief for your employees

Our assistance allows you to get on with your business and we provide clarity and a clear financial path for you with the Qifa Life Path.


Solicitors Case Study

PC is a solicitor. She employs 4 staff in her practice. One of those employees is her husband. She was unaware that even though solicitors have to be self-employed they are allowed to set up a company pension scheme for their employees. PC spent time with us and we created a “Qifa Life Path” for them. It provided clarity for them and a clear direction to achieve their life goals.

Sean Lynch - Financial Planning at Qifa

Sean Lynch, CFP, QFA, FLIA

Sean Lynch of Qifa Financial Planners can assist in securing the financial future of your business.

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